Life Cycle combines copies of fragments from musical scores, which I have used while singing in concerts with The New Haven Chorale, with fragments of medical X-Rays to create four distinctive collages.

A separate light box illuminates each collage. Collectively, these collages depict a four part Life Cycle: Overture; Life; Death; and Variations on a Theme. Each collage has copies of fragments from my musical score imbedded in it. These fragments enhance, personalize and correlate with each collage's title.

Overture includes fragments from the Chichester Psalms score by Bernstein.

Birth includes fragments from the Creation score by Haydn.

Death includes fragments from the Requiem score by Brahms.

Variations on a Theme includes fragments from The World Beloved: A Bluegrass Mass score by Barnett.

Animal and human X-Rays (radiographs), X-Rays of DNA sequencing gels, X-Rays of cells growing in Petri dishes, X-Rays of medical research, photography tape, canvas, suturing materials, India inks, oil sticks and fragments from musical scores are used to create these 48 inch long collages. The four light boxes were given to me by a printer/ photographer, who no longer had use for them. Their original use is particularly fitting, since my artistic objective for over twenty years has been to investigate the relationship of medical X-Rays to photography.

This series examines the similarities between art and music: composition, notation, form, rhythm, style, color, line, texture, notation, emotional impact, and meaning.

Each of the four collages is displayed on a separate light box in the middle of a gallery, while large colorized prints created from the original collages are installed on the gallery walls. The music that inspired this work plays in the gallery.