We Are All Made of Art: Esther Klein Gallery Exhibit Provides a Compelling Visual for Our Inner Workings
The Science Center April 9, 2019
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X-Ray Visions: Lois Goglia at Esther Klein Gallery
The University of Pennsylvania Almanac
April 16, 2019 vol 65 issue 31
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The Identity Series is comprised of eight 47 x 23 inch backlit plexiglas panels. Each is imbedded with CT scans and/or MRIS. Every panel has a portrait in its center. Most portraits represent individuals of differing races and nationalities. DNA sequencing gels line the upper and lower sections of each panel.

This installation of the eight panels, displayed side by side, encourages the viewer's examination of each individual panel, and also encourages the viewer to compare the similarities and differences between each panel in the Identity Series.

The installation also prompts questions. Is the viewer certain that the DNA sequencing gel patterns or medical imagery are related to the individual portraits embedded on them? How different are the DNA structures from one panel to the next? What does this imply? How do we identify ourselves and others? by skin tone, gender, nationality, and/or dress? or by medical infirmities, personality traits, intelligence level, and/or family history?

The Identity Series also asks viewers to consider medical images as art symbols. Can these images be categorized as photography?