Before Covid Virus took hold in Connecticut, I was given a treasure trove of brain cell photographs, which belonged to a Yale neuroscientist. Many of these photographs are beautiful. To me, they serve as metaphors for problem solving and medical research: techniques indispensible to finding a remedy for Covid’s quagmire.

PANDEMIC is a 48x116 inch collage created from hundreds of photographs of brain cells. These brain cell photographs were cut into fragments and pasted together. Horizontal and vertical masking tape divide the collage into map-sized grids. Black masking tape markers indicate the major places where Covid 19 was detected. The black, white and gray brain photographs represent people of all colors and backgrounds. In its entirety, Covid Variations infers that people of all nationalities must work together to rid this country and the world of this insistent plague.

DR. FAUCI’S DREAM is an 83x61 inch canvas-backed collage. Its bottom section repeats the brain cell Pandemic collage described above. Brightly colored segments in the middle section of this collage are drawn away from the earth to the sun/flower/clock at the upper most portion of the canvas. The sun/flower/clock implies that in time this pandemic will expire.

PANDORA’S BOX 20/20 A 20 X 20 inch box, painted red on the outside, is covered on its interior and on its four upper flaps with brain cell photographs. Black tape segments represent the locations where Covid is present. Their placement indicates Covid contagions are fleeing from the box.

The box’s flaps list the world’s evils that, in the Greek mythological story, escaped from Pandora’s Box: greed, envy, pain, disease, hunger, poverty, war, death. Besides these tribulations, the flaps also include evils in the world we live in today: guns, war, riots, climate change, isolation and more.

The only word left inside the Pandora’s Box of old was HOPE. The Covid 20/20 box’s interior also projects the word HOPE, but this word emanates from a contemporary LED light fixture.